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The Lymphatic System and Health


The blood stream has a pump, which is the heart, therefore  the heart pumps the blood.  The lymphatic system does not have a pump, it uses the contraction of muscles to stimulate this system and make it operate.  Their are three components that help the lymphatic system work properly. 

  • Eating healthy

  • Exercise or contraction of our muscles 

  • Breathing deep.  Usually when we exercise we breath deep.

Years ago, when we did not have the modern amenities we have today, we would exercise daily. The lifestyles that were lived were physically active.  When humans got hungry they would chop wood before cooking.  This chopping of wood would stimulate the lymphatic system, due to muscle contraction and breathing deep.  The foods that were prepared were whole foods and not processed.



The lymphatic system runs parallel to the blood vessels, even at the capillary level.  The picture above represents our bodies at the cellular level.  The blood stream is shown on top and the lymphatic system on bottom.  The lymphatic system would be similar to a string of pearls, the Lymphangions being the pearls(on right).  The

lymphangions have check valves which only 

allows the lymphatic fluid to travel in one

direction.  In the picture above, between the

blood stream and the lymphatic vessel is the 

interstitial space.  The  center is a depiction of

our cells.  On the left there is just enough fluid

to  sustain health.  This would be equivalent to 

our body running at a -20 to -25 millivolts,

which is equivalent to a PH of 7.34-7.43 towards

alkaline.  The blood proteins are removed from

our blood stream and into the interstitial space

and our lymph system removes them, and

moves them through our lymphatic system and

are cleansed as the lymph moves through the

lymphatic nodes.  The right side of the picture above depicts a state of disease.  This is due to the lymphatic system being clogged or over run.  Our lymphatic system is unable to process all of the blood proteins and the interstitial space is full of trapped lymphatic fluid. In this state the cells are unable to operate due to the lack of ATP being able to take place. The sodium potassium pump is unable to operate and our cells essentially begin to drown.  This would be a state of low voltage and if this continues for a long period, our PH begins to enter into an acidic state. Lymphatic Therapist would call this the wet state, Senergy Medical Group would call this low voltage and the Potential Hydrogen group refers to this as the acidic state.  


Lymphatic Therapy is designed to get us out of this state and into the dry state.  When our bodies are in pain it is due to the lack of oxygen in that area. This lack of oxygen is due to stagnant fluid which is inflammation.  With the removal of the trapped lymphatic fluid or inflammation and raising the voltage to its optimum state and returning the PH to its correct state, then it would seem that health would be easier to obtain.

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