Acadiana Lymphatic Center and Immune Essential Oils is a family business.  My wife and I, have, and continue to enjoy our life with our four incredible children. Two of our sons, my wife, and myself are Certified Lymphatic Therapist. We have worked hard together in this endeavor.  It is a real blessing to work so closely with my family. Our Certification is with the Vodder Technique and we are Certified in the use of The Lymphstar.  We are educators of Senergy Medical Group  and Certified in the use of the BioModulator and BioTransducer.  We continue to study the frequencies of our body and the Lymphatic System.  I am a Certified Kinesio Taping Practioner. We utilize this technique to sustain the Lymph flow well after  Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  We offer classes in the certification of Lymphatic Therapy and certification as a Kinesio Taping Technician.  My 2 sons are Certified as Kinesio Taping Technicians.


With the continued use of Essential Oils in our practice, it has come to our attention that these amazing oils are a gift.  With our use of essential oils in our practice we have many request to purchase these Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. We have provided our clients, and others, a home, to purchase what we believe to be some of the purest oils we are able to locate.  We have searched the world and have been blessed with the Gift and Wisdom of these special gifts.  We continue to search and study the frequencies of each essential oil. This is to insure the blends we create will 

obtain the same frequencies as the organs and meridians of our body, 

which has been shown to help support the Lymphatic System. 

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