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   Lymphatic Therapy is more than immune building, it's cleansing. The lymphatic system is an amazing system of the body that helps get rid of waste properly; it's the system responsible for keeping our blood clean. With so many environmental toxins and toxins within certain foods our bodies cannot keep up; resulting in a compromised immune system. When our immune system gets compromised our lymphatic system cannot properly get rid of waste and starts to get sluggish. The result of a sluggish lymphatic system can contribute to many things such as, skin conditions, any type of pain, Irritable bowel disease, IBS, and lymphedema, just to name a few. We as lymphatic therapist use a machine designed for the lymphatic system which has two bulbs that we rub very gently on the skin, it helps to break up sluggish fluid and gets it moving immediately. After rubbing the bulbs on the skin we use our hands to manually move the lymph in the direction it is supposed to flow, this is very similar to a light massage. Most people find lymphatic therapy to be relaxing and rejuvenating. There are so many benefits it has to offer and we are confident it can help anyone, call us today to make an appointment or please feel free to ask any questions regarding our service! 


**We are open by appointment only, currently we have no set hours**

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